Top 5 Manufacturing and Delivering Business Ideas – March 2019

Top 5 Business Ideas March 2019

Here we are back with some more innovative ideas , just want to countenance you for worthy ideas towards your passion and your future…

Nowadays stepping towards success needs a planned platform and a keen idea which could strike your clients or people to approach towards you and get benefits accordingly...


  1. Organic farming is the method of growing crops without usage of any perceptions of pesticides , insecticides , or any type of chemicals. Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Normally organic farming are done on small variations like rooftops or small lawns etc. but as per todays requirement, usage of organic vegetables have increased so as the range of farming.

Let’s get started

  • Business planning :-
  1. Firstly one should have a small area or a roof top to start practicing farming and basic planning of funding and choosing the categories of products for farming which can be profitable accordingly  .
  2. Important details about your organic farming business will go into your business plan. These include your  objectives, your target ,your market, your competition, and unique selling proposition, your management planning, and your financially ability
  3. Now having funds and areas is first factor, planning is basically the next step but every1 needs to have quality soil and water. Check the type of soil on your farm and find out whether it is suitable for growing your chosen types of produce. Also, check the status of the water available. It is important to ensure that you are not using any type of contaminated water and the water does not contain harmful chemicals ,  pesticides or insecticides.
  4. Now start planting and farming and plan for your organic business store for that you should register and look for location which is suitable for your business.
  5. Concentrate on the sourcing , It’s always better idea to get the material from certified suppliers. As your business grows you can also go for contract farming with the farmers and increase your productions .










Beaded jewellery making  is concept creating or making  jewels with combining beaded products. Nowadays beaded jewellery are very popular among ladies and it is having very wide range of pricing, and its very basic in been produced.

All you need some of tools for making jewelleries are wire cutters , round-nose pliers , flat-nose pliers , crimping tool, bead organizer with a variety of glass beads , beading cord or thread , memory wire.

Business planning:-

  1. Write down the mission statement targeting what type of jewelry are at demand and which could be easily made up and leads to bigger profits
  2. Do a flow for  forecasting designs of jewelry , preparing for new pattern designs
  3. Creating logos for your design and starting up with business stores or either business websites
  4. Promoting your business
  5. Targeting your area and peoples with interest in these types of jewellery.


Phone case or accessories business and repairing

Mobiles , In today’s generation it is most viral used digital products digitising worldwide. For these revolutionary gadget there are many of accessories as mobile cases with awesome designs, earplugs, many attachments...

Basically being modern is key to innovation, being fashionable and stepping with trend is the major key leading towards business in mobile case designs, production of different accessories

Business planning:-

  1. Reasons behind mobile cases and repairing business is it’s a innovative beneficially business platform
  2. Firstly When starting a custom phone case business; designers enjoy creating whatever they want, without any limitations, ancient or modern ,on what they put on a phone case.
  3. While starting a custom phone case business you want to make it yours. Make it unique and trending. Loopy case was made from a family of entrepreneurs . It turns your phone into a ring and you can essentially save your phone from dropping on the floor and save it from damaging. By starting your own custom, innovative, unique phone case business, the possibilities are endless.


Water the source of living.  Never ending requirement of water gives a keen idea of business with around 35% - 45% marginal profit . Nowadays, getting pure drinking water is one of biggest drawback around the world and lack of drinking water is one of the major issue been faced by todays world, and there is difference between package drinking water and mineral water  “Packaged drinking water doesn't contain any minerals. Mineral water is the water that contains minerals. The minerals can be added artificially or can naturally be in the water what so ever the source be .”

So with an idea of filtering pure drinking water any1 can startup with business of filter R.O water whether in containers (kempers) or in bottles making up a huge margin.

Business planning:-

  1. Firstly for filtered R.O water plant, requires a factory place inbuilt storage godown where the filtering R.O water system is to be  setup.
  2. Secondly it also require a lab for the ourifing agents or the chemicals needed for cleaning of machine parts can be kept
  3. Requirement of jars or containers or plastic bottles can be according to budget or as per clients variability
  4. Factory or plant should pass all the norms as per BIS and FDDI then only the prodecure of getting licensed starts
  5. With these stocks 1 can start up with this business can acquire marginal profit.



Scrap metal business is all about collecting metals used or unused and forwarding it to metal recycling companies or else manufacturing the best of the remaining of metals. scrap metal depot that sells various reclaimed used metals to metal recycling companies , or we can say that Scrap  materials are left over  products from manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies and for business point of view are specialise in one particular type of metal collection like brass, copper , light iron etc. are collected and recycling. Any1 can easily start with earning from very first day in this business.

Business planning:-

  1. At first getting started with this business you should be familiar with ferrous and non-ferrous metals i.e what get attached with magnet is ferrous like iron , etc. and which doesn’t gets attached are non-ferrous like brass copper etc. or acknowledging which metals could be more profitable.
  2. Secondly should be having a sufficient amount or money or capital for investing with larger area of storage
  3. Next determining your scrap metals for trading and finding up a suitable location.
  4. Register your business and keep a good knowledge about your buyers and profiteers and keeping up way from fraud encounters is the basic agenda of getting gold out from scraps.

  Hope you guys like our content  about category of manufacturing or delivering business with a huge marginal profit.


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